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Enjoy your Stag weekend with your friends

Probably a lot of you would have heard the name of Stag Weekends while discussing about Bournemouth culture and their history. Bournemouth stag weekends is a term referring to a bachelor party lasting more than a mere evening. The bachelor party is organized for the grooms for mainly entertainment purpose. Bournemouth’s culture and rich reputation of the party capitals makes it a perfect place for organizing such Bournemouth stag weekends for soon to be married men. So what actually stands out Bournemouth as a city, making it such an attractive hotspot for such events? Let’s take a look at some of the notable reasons:

More bars per square meter than London (call me crazy, but truth be told)!

Miles of sandy beaches – and a zip line from the pier.

Convenient domestic craziness!

It plays host to just as many hen parties as stag dos, you can always rely on finding a like-minded friend from a rival team.
Bournemouth is all about fun. And with stacks of great pubs and clubs, you’ll be in stag heaven.

Unlike most UK cities, Bournemouth’s public transport system is a real treat – and often so eager to please, you get two buses turning up at once!
With more places to drink per square meter than our capital, more laid-back, welcoming locals and miles of sandy beaches to boot, this seaside city is making one hell of a strong case for ‘Stag Night Capital of the World’.

It is Official! Every Stag Night in Bournemouth must have naked women!

Well, there are so many options for those who are interested in taking part in such crazy Bournemouth stag weekends. Even you have an option of choosing your package how you are going to enjoy your party! The package will offer you the following things:
Accommodation: You will be given accommodation in famous hotels like Britannia hotel, Carrington Hotel, Bourne Hall Hotel, Kensington Hotel, Maemar Hotel, and many innumerable others!

Daytime Activities: Loads of daytime activities to choose from! Activities like Golf, Archery, Blind driving, Bubble football, Karting, Quad biking, Wakeboarding & water-skiing, and loads of other activities.

Night Time Activities: What’s more interesting than having an option of Night Time Activities to choose! Activities like Night at the Dogs, Party on a Bus, Lap Dancing Club, and many more such activities to try with your luck!

Bournemouth is a cool place for a stag weekend as there is a good mix of things you can get up to during the day and you can also get up to some shenanigans in the evening as well. Bournemouth stag weekends has made this place a hot spot and this place also has some good tourist attractions going on as well. The Jurassic Coast Is an amazing sight. If you are into nature, then a short trip to Brownsea Island is home to some cool wildlife. Also, there is the Bournemouth International Centre which plays host to many of the big music and other live entertainment acts all through the year. Bournemouth is also internationally known for its amazing beaches where you can bring a few beers and a picnic and chill out- day or night!

Bournemouth has become as one of the favorite destinations for the tourists coming here every year. Well, with the sand, the lovely sun, sea, it is not at all surprising that stag parties in Bournemouth are awesome. To sum things up Bournemouth is quite simply a stag’s idea of Heaven.